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(last updated 1/08/2020)
(last updated 1/08/2020)

By accessing this site (later the Site), the user (later the User) accepts all the terms, conditions and notes governing its use and which are fully explained below.

Use – purposes and methods
The Site will be used by the User exclusively and strictly for personal and non-commercial purposes, acknowledging and acknowledging the User that he is not an organized and professional economic operator in the tourism and / or similar sector. The User acknowledges that what is published on the Site both in terms of content and technical structure to allow it to function is the exclusive property of MLA. (hereinafter MLA) or of its third party successors. Therefore, the User acknowledges that he will be able to access and browse freely on the Site limited to the activity of consulting its contents and booking the trips proposed therein for personal use only without being able to perform operations, modifications and / or alterations of any kind and with any computer means of the Site and its contents or to grant them in any way and for any reason their use to third parties, commercial and non-commercial operators.

By way of example but not limited to, the user will not be allowed to:

– access, monitor or copy any content or information using robots, spiders, scrapers or other automated tools;
– carry out operations and / or activities that may unreasonably overload the Site, compromising its correct and normal functioning;
– insert links to other sites in an obvious or hidden way and / or force in some way the path of existing links.

Distinctive marks – protection
The contents of the Site are protected by copyright in accordance with current legislation. In particular, the brands of the product lines are all owned by MLA and registered by it. The other brands present on the Site and relating to the products advertised and offered are reasonably owned and registered by the respective product offerers but MLA assumes no responsibility in this regard and purpose. It is expressly forbidden to save and / or download the images of the Site.

Personal data necessary for use
To browse the Site, it will not be necessary for the User to provide or communicate their personal data. In the event that prior registration is required to access certain information services, only the strictly necessary personal data will be requested for this purpose. In the case of booking tourist services through the Site, in addition to some personal data, the User’s credit card will also be requested, i.e. the card number, its expiry date, the security code and any validation code. of online purchases; such data will be collected and managed by the credit institution and / or by the service concessionaire who, on their part, take all necessary and appropriate caution in this regard. Finally, data and computer information relating to the User during navigation may be collected – for statistical purposes only (IP address, browser and operating system, domain name, times and dates of access. Web site addresses from which the user has logged in. This information will remain strictly anonymous.

Access to personal data
MLA is not responsible for the accuracy and / or updating of the data provided by the User in order to access the services of the Site as described in the previous paragraph, limiting itself to providing the tools and methods by which the User of the Site can provide to update them but at his care and under his responsibility. The confidentiality and personality of access to individual services and personal information released on the Site by the User are guaranteed through the request and storage of a specific username and password (so-called password).

a) About the information provided through the Site
MLA assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information on the Site and which by this means are transferred to the User with the sole limit of compliance with current legislation. This information may concern both the characteristics of the colleges, residences, schools, centers, of the related services and their actual functioning, of the routes operated by air carriers and of any other type and in general concerning any other tourist product described and / or offered on the Site, regardless of the ways in which such information is made, i.e. by means of texts, photographic images, drawings, or other. Having said that, MLA will periodically take care to call back its suppliers so that they use a description in the presentation of the products as close as possible to reality and to periodically update the information on the Site.

b) About the functioning of the Site
MLA assumes no responsibility for the failure and / or defective functioning of the Site when such malfunction is due to interaction with the electronic equipment of Users or third parties or anomalies of any kind in connections, whether telephone or telematic. In general, MLA cannot be held responsible for anomalous and / or malfunctions of the Site when we are attributable to agents and / or causes beyond its reasonable control and in any case by actions of third parties unrelated to its organization. MLA may, at its sole discretion, temporarily or permanently disconnect its Services (or any part thereof) without being held liable in any way to the User himself or to third parties for their suspension or interruption.

How to use the Site by the User
a) In general:
The User is expressly prohibited from using the Site for illegal, non-compliant purposes and in any case prohibited by current laws and in any case unrelated to the main and exclusive purpose of the Site which is the consultation of tourist products with the possibility of concluding directly with the help of the integrated booking system of various types of tourist contracts for personal purposes.

b) In particular:
b1) External sites

Where and when the Site contains links to sites of other subjects other than MLA, the User acknowledges that these sites are not controlled and / or managed in any way by MLA which therefore does not assume the authorship of the contents and their possible use and correct functioning.

The presence of these links on the Site, therefore, does not imply the sharing and / or acceptance and ultimately the authorship of MLA regarding the content and their use and operation of third party sites.

b2) Use of the site reservation system

In this regard, the User acknowledges and declares:
– who will use the booking system only and solely for the purpose for which this system is delegated, that is the choice of a tourist product or services, the verification and limits of its availability, and its reservation by concluding a contract and with contextual payment of the price, all under the legal and contractual conditions established by MLA and adequately explained on the Site, which the User expressly and scrupulously undertakes to respect;

– who will use this service being able to act in accordance with the legislation in force and therefore of greater age and in any case able to validly assume the consequent obligations;

– that he will be entitled to act and to contract even for the people for whom he will make the booking, even if different from the user, taking note that this lack of legitimacy will not be opposable to MLA;

– that the User undertakes to monitor and guarantee that this quality will be recognizable in every and any person who will use the user and that otherwise the User will in any case be responsible for such use, with express reference to minors, forbidden, disabled and / or subjects to cohabiting and non-cohabiting support administration, for whose work the User will be liable without being able to oppose the inability of the same to MLA;

– that the information provided during use of the Site and in particular of the booking system will be correct and no simulated, untrue, untrue information will be provided whatever the purpose;

– that he will comply with all the terms and conditions of purchase imposed by any supplier with whom he chooses to operate, including, by way of example, the payment of the amounts due at maturity and compliance with all rules and restrictions concerning availability and the use of tariffs, products or services;

– to be aware and accept the fact that the travel contract is concluded electronically through the provision of consent in the manner prescribed by the system (for example by clicking on the words “I accept and / or” I confirm “and / or” similar expressions “or other equivalent or by providing the data of your credit card to authorize the payment of the booked service) and this on the basis of the principle of freedom of forms, provided for by our legal system and canonized by our jurisprudence on telematic contracts.
Law 38/2006
Mandatory communication pursuant to Article 17 of Law no. 38/2006 – Italian law punishes crimes relating to prostitution and child pornography with imprisonment, even if committed abroad.

These conditions are governed by Italian law. For any dispute that may arise in relation to the validity, effectiveness, interpretation and execution of these Conditions, the Court of Naples will be exclusively competent.

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