Frequent questions

1. Do I need to download a specific program to access Language Live?
Yes, if you use a computer or a tablet (mobile phone is not recommended), Language Live courses will be accessible through Zoom which can be downloaded at the following link:

2. Are there any additional costs other than those indicated?
No, there is no additional cost except those noted on the quote.

3. When can I sign up for Language Live courses?
You can enroll in all courses at any time except for the certifications that have a start date in mid-October and another in mid-February.

4. How long do the Language Live courses last?
It depends on your personal and educational needs, you can subscribe to an intensive course with a minimum of 5 One-to-One lessons and distribute them as you prefer up to an 80-hour Live course spread over 8 months.

5. Can I use the voucher I received to cancel the study holiday?
Yes, if you have a voucher for a study holiday abroad.

6. Can I pay for Language Live courses with a payment plan?
Yes, you can pay in three monthly installments with Dilapay by credit card (rechargeable and ATM cards are excluded) and it will not be necessary to show any pay slip.

7. Do I have to take a test?
Yes, you will take a placement test before the start of the course which will be used to assess your level of English and place yourself in the appropriate class.

8. Can I be placed in the same class as my friend?
Yes, if the level of English is the same.

9. How can I find out which course is best for me?
Fill out the “Skill needs form” available on our website and you will receive the support of one of our experts.

10. What is the Skill Needs Form?
It is a form in which the student indicates their teaching needs and specific skills, so that they can be directed to the type of course that best suits their needs.

11. Will I have to purchase teaching material to attend your courses?
For general Live courses we will provide you with an eBook based on Task Based Learning. Each eBook, divided by level, includes modules to be carried out, editing directly on your digital book. For Certificate Courses (e.g. Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL) you will need to purchase a course book.

12. What is the difference between Live and eLearning courses?
Live courses include the presence of a live teacher and attendance in a virtual classroom. The eLearning courses are held through individual personal study without the presence of a teacher on the other side of the line.

13. Does the eLearning course expire?
Yes, the duration is 6 months from the first access.

14. Is the registration fee for the certification exam included?
No, it is not included.

15. How can I book the exam?
You can book your exam through our offices by sending an email to [email protected], after confirming and paying the fee we will reserve your exam.

16. Can I change the days or times of my course?
Yes, compatibly with the presence of a course with the same language level on the days and times you requested.

17. Can I change my language level during the course?
Yes, if your teacher believes that you have the skills to attend the higher language course.

18. Can I catch up on a lesson if I have been absent?
Unfortunately not and the same cannot be refunded.

19. What is the number of students per class?
On average 8 students.

20. Will I have the same teacher for the duration of my course?
Probably yes, but for personal reasons the teacher could be absent and be replaced.

21. What conditions govern my contract?
Please consult the general conditions available at the following link: https://mlalanguagelive.com/en/general-conditions/

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