General conditions of Sale,
terms of service and contract conditions MLA Language Live
(last updated 1 August 2020)
(last updated 1 August 2020)

Welcome to MLA Language Live, an online site for learning foreign languages. Below, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 185/99 (“implementation of Directive 97/7 / EC relating to the protection of consumers in the field of distance contracts”), the general conditions relating to the provision of language training services provided by MLA Language Live which form an integral and substantial part offer and contract. MLA Language Live attaches great importance to transparency and therefore the Terms of Service are described in detail below. The site is owned by The Golden Globe srl VAT number 01557500632 with paid up share capital of € 100,000.00, with registered office at Corso Vittorio Emanuele n.114, 80121, Naples, Italy. MLA Language Live wishes you a good learning experience with the services and terms and conditions listed below.

The subject of the contract is the purchase and sale of language training services, carried out remotely via the computer network on the website As for the conditions of sale, the purchase transactions are governed by the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 art. 51; as for the protection of confidentiality and privacy, the legislation art. 13-14 of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) 2016/679 and implemented by Legislative Decree 101/2018 which amended the Privacy Code pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003. These Terms of Services provided by MLA Language Live govern the terms and conditions of the contract for the provision of services (online courses, eLearning courses hereinafter referred to as “Services”), and must be accepted by users of the website (hereinafter referred to as , “Users”) who wish to use them. Minors may access the Service with prior authorization from their parents, guardians or legal representatives who are held responsible for them.

Terms of sale
All courses on the MLA Language Live online site are provided with cards containing the information necessary for the evaluation of the User, including description and purpose, price, methods and specific conditions of use of the Service. MLA Language Live also makes available to Users interested in receiving any other explanations their telephone lines and their e-mail addresses, accessible from the Contact area of ​​the website The general conditions are effective from the date of acceptance of the same by the User on the site, which is valid for all purposes as acceptance pursuant to art. 1341 of the Civil Code. The ordering process for Paid Services on the Site allows you to check the order before proceeding with the purchase: we recommend that you be very careful in checking the order details before proceeding with payment. The procedure provides that every time you purchase a paid service, MLA Language Live sends a confirmation e-mail / text message. The contract between the User and MLA Language Live for the related paid service is finalized when MLA Language Live sends the confirmation email / sms. MLA Language Live reserves the right to change at any time, without notice and unilaterally, the prices of the products on the web page, excluding purchases already completed by the User. MLA Language Live is not responsible, for whatever reason, reason or cause, for direct or indirect damages to people and / or things caused by the non-acceptance, even partial, of an order. The amount of the course is always due in full.

How to register
Registration for one of the MLA Language Live courses must be done only and exclusively on the website and by making the payment of the required fee in the manner described in the paragraph ” Payment methods ”.

All prices are expressed in euros. The price corresponding to each product on the web page is equivalent to the economic value in force at the time the User accesses it. Since these are online services, there is no provision for sending material in paper format, just as there are no related shipping costs. Rates do not include any type of tax, nor interest or taxes applied by credit card companies or the user’s bank. Likewise, costs relating to the User’s internet connection are not included.

Registration fee
The registration fee for the Live intensive course and all eLearning courses is € 30, for all other Live courses it is € 90. The registration fee includes the flat-rate management costs and administrative costs incurred by MLA. In the event that the User decides to extend his course with another course that provides for a more expensive enrollment fee, he / she will have to pay the adjustment of the cost of the enrollment fee (example if the User has booked a course Live intensive and subsequently decides to continue with a general Live course, he will necessarily have to pay the price difference between the two enrollment fees, which amounts to € 60). Please note that the enrollment fee must always be added to the individual fees of each MLA Language Live online course chosen. This fee constitutes a separate item from the “course participation fee” and refers to the costs – quantified as a lump sum – connected to the management of the file. This fee is never refundable in case of cancellation of the contract by the User.

Discounts and Promotions
MLA Language Live organizes promotions and special offers which may be subject to conditions and / or restrictions. It is possible that these promotions cannot be shared between different Users. All the details of the special offers are indicated in each language course at It is possible that free trial lessons or Trial Lessons will be offered only to users who access the service for the first time.

Terms of payment
MLA Language Live offers Users the possibility to purchase the products of the online store at any time through the following forms of payment:
• Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro);
• PayPal;
• Bank Transfer (payment will be considered made only upon receipt of funds by MLA Language Live);
• Deferred payment (DilaPay, Findomestic);
• Voucher issued by MLA Move Language Ahead.
Additional costs may be charged by your provider for the use of debit or credit cards and these costs are in addition to the advertised rate of MLA Language Live. Payments are due in advance for the entire duration of the contract. Invoicing takes place exclusively in digital form.

Login credentials
After sending the registration form duly completed online on the site, the User receives an automatically generated e-mail, which contains a field that specifies the login and password to access the service. The User is required to keep the credentials secret. If the User becomes aware or can, with ordinary diligence, become aware of the fact that his credentials are known to third parties, he must change them immediately by contacting MLA Language Live.

Methods of delivery and execution of the service
Since these are online courses, the delivery or execution methods are exclusively in electronic format and / or also through the reserved area “Student Zone”. The course service is personal and not transferable to third parties. In the event of abusive use of the same or non-compliant with the conditions set out, MLA Language Live reserves the right to cancel the User contract by sending an e-mail / text message.

Guarantees, claims and refunds
In the event of defects in the provision of the Service, MLA Language Live will proceed, as the case may be, to repair, compensate or replace the service. MLA Language Live is only liable for compliance defects that the “User” must report within fifteen days of delivery of the login credentials. Any complaints should be addressed to: [email protected] There is no refund for the part of the course that the User has already used and in no case will the registration fee be refunded.

General rules for the courses and cancellation of the single lesson
In order to improve and optimize the learning process, MLA Language Live can decide to transfer the student to another group more suitable for him, with respect to the level of language skills possessed. MLA Language Live reserves the right not to operate groups that do not reach the minimum number of students enrolled and / or to combine them with others of the same level. In case of non-acceptance by the User, only the advance or the balance received will be returned and nothing else will be due to the User. Each lesson for the general online course in group mode will have a duration of 75 minutes, for the certifications the duration of each lesson is 90 minutes and for the “one to one” lessons the duration is 50 minutes. You can make the purchase up to 5 days before the day and time scheduled for the start of the first lesson of each package. The eLearning courses consist of 100 units which correspond to approximately 120 hours of self study. If the purchase is not made within this period, MLA Language Live reserves the right to postpone the lesson until the purchase is made. It should be noted that no lessons can be recovered by the User in the event of cancellation or non-attendance, even in cases of force majeure. Lessons scheduled on local holidays are not intended to be automatically canceled, if the user wishes to cancel them he must communicate it with 24 hours notice. In the event that a lesson does not can be given by the teacher, the Service assigns a substitute teacher. The non-acceptance of the replacement by the student does not justify the cancellation of the lesson by the student. If the student is not on time, the Teacher is not obliged to extend the lesson in which the student was absent, the lesson will end in any case at the agreed time. If at the beginning of the lesson, the teacher is not available or connected, the User is obliged to send an e-mail to [email protected] notifying MLA Language Live of the inconvenience which once verified the fact, it proceeds to recover the lesson to the user. The suspension of a lesson according to the conditions of the previous paragraph does not suspend the contractual validity period. The Service reserves the right to modify, expand or improve, without notice, the conditions of the same and of the website.

Users wishing to take the exam must book the exam session of their interest at least 60 days before the date they intend to take the exam by registering using the appropriate form on the site. The methods of conducting the exam and the guide “How to prepare for the exam”, which also indicates the materials that the candidate must bring with them on the day of the exam, are available in the Student Zone reserved area. By accepting these terms of use, the user declares to have read, read and understood in its entirety all the information on the page dedicated to certifications. Upon receipt of the exam booking, MLA Language Live communicates the confirmation of the exam session only upon reaching the minimum number of participants required for each type of exam. Therefore, the reservation of the examination session by the user does not ensure the effective execution of the examination session. If the exam session is not confirmed, MLA Language Live will refund the purchase price without delay and in any case no later than 30 days from the communication of the cancellation of the exam session. If the course participant, upon receipt of the confirmation of the exam booking, decides not to take the certification exam, MLA Language Live will retain the entire amount paid. We decline all responsibility for any negative outcome of the exam and the achievement of the certification. Please note that the exam fee for all certifications is not included and must be paid as an extra. Also not included are any personal expenses for reaching the venue where the exam will take place, in fact the exam venue may not be located near the participant’s home.

Video recording of individual lessons
MLA Language Live, among the optional services, offers the possibility that the lessons are recorded by the system in order to be subsequently made available to the User in the reserved area. It should be noted that the registration is conditioned by the availability and functioning of the technical means or the connection necessary for the User and the teacher and therefore MLA Language Live is not responsible for any lack of this specific service.
The User acknowledges that the registration of the lessons will take place exclusively at the express request of the User, at the time of the registration request under the conditions indicated by MLA language Live in the privacy policy and will be available for only seven days.

Right of withdrawal from the course
Given the type of services, the User is informed of the loss of this right of withdrawal if access to the contents of the MLA Language Live Service has begun with his express consent at the beginning of the course, as the content of the digital course is immediately accessible. for permanent use and the programming of the teaching staff has already been organized and paid for. Group and / or individual lessons cannot be canceled and are considered to have been completed in any case.

NPS calls
With regard to the INPS “Language Course in Italy” scholarships, it should be noted that these are a contribution to partially cover the costs of a foreign language course, aimed at obtaining the certification of the level of knowledge according to the Common European Framework of Reference. The online mode is allowed as an alternative to face-to-face lessons, only and exclusively during cases of health emergency declared by the Italian government.
MLA Language Live operates exclusively online and therefore it will be possible to take advantage of the INPS contribution only in cases of a declared national health emergency (as happened for COVID) and if the same health emergency covers the duration of the entire language course. The online mode takes over only during periods of health emergency and only for that period. The offer does not include the registration fee to take the exam the final.

Accessibility of the Site, Limitation of Liability
For the provision of its services MLA Language Live adopts the technologies currently and usually used. To take full advantage of the offer, the User must use these technologies (e.g. updated browser technologies, Adobe Flash) or allow their use on his computer (e.g. activation of Java script, cookies, pop-ups). The use of technologies that are not current or not in current use may result in limited usability of the MLA Language Live services. It is the User’s responsibility to have internet services and the necessary equipment to use MLA Language Live, bearing the related costs, as well as the sole responsibility for the availability and security of data transfer. The Site may have content and links, links to other websites and linked sites. MLA Language Live does not endorse, sponsor, recommend or accept any responsibility for any linked site. Furthermore, the linked sites are not to be considered under the control of MLA Language Live and this is in no way responsible for the content or privacy practices of such linked sites, including, and without limitation. MLA Language Live provides third party content and linked sites at its sole discretion, and the inclusion of such third party content and linked sites is not to be considered as a support, by MLA Language Live, in favor of third parties. The User accepts that MLA Language Live is not responsible in any way, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused by or in connection with the use of such sites.

Intellectual Property Rights
All texts, images and other content and works subject to copyright protection made available by MLA Language Lives are protected by copyright law. Any use not provided for in the contract, in particular for commercial or business purposes, is subject to prior notice
written authorization from MLA Language Live. Any use of distinctive signs, trademarks, designs and commercial names used by MLA Language Live as part of the service provided is also subject to the prior written authorization of MLA Language Live. It is forbidden to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate, create copies and backups, upload files, mail, transmit, use, treat or distribute in any way all or part of the contents included in the site, outside of the specific use for the services provided by MLA Language Live, if there is no written authorization of express consent from MLA Language Live.
The use of the services does not generate any intellectual property or any industrial right on them by the User.

In the event that any of the clauses of these “general conditions of sale, terms of service and contract conditions” are invalid, become invalid, or become non-binding, the User continues to abide by all the other clauses herein. established. In this case MLA Language Live replaces the aforementioned clause with a clause that is valid and binding and that has an effect as similar as possible to the replaced one that the User undertakes to accept from now on in compliance with the contents and purposes of this contract. In group lessons, the user undertakes not to disturb in any way the use of the service by other users and always behave with honesty, integrity and show courtesy, consideration and respect towards other participants. In the case of incorrect behavior or if the student’s behavior is considered disruptive, likely to cause damage, annoyance, offense or injury, the User is removed from the virtual classroom and no type of compensation is due. It should be noted that the entire teaching staff is bound by an exclusivity clause with MLA Language Live and therefore, once in contact with the student, the teacher will not be able to agree on lessons of any kind with the student except through MLA Language Live. . Unauthorized use of photographic and recording equipment and any form of online duplication is prohibited.

This distance sales contract is governed by Italian law and any dispute arising in relation to what is provided for in it will be the exclusive competence of the Naples court.

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